Watercolor Journal Entry 1

I purchased this journal book of watercolor paper at Hobby Lobby a few years ago. The plan was to go out every week or two and document scenes. Time to dust off 3 years of inactivity and get started! 

I finally got started with watercolor journaling on June 13. I tried to sketch and paint a scene along the railroad tracks in Bernie,  Missouri.  The MFA elevator is the focal point for this quick watercolor sketch.  My goal was to complete it in less than an hour due to the fading sunlight.  I also included the time, temperature, and additional information on the opposite page (not visible in photo below). 

The completed painting is less than satisfactory, but the lessons learned were valuable.  This journal features handmade paper and appears to have little or no sizing on it.  I use dry watercolor paint pans as well tube paints. I tried using tube paints with this paper, and the results were not good. The watercolor paint absorbed quickly into the paper with little opportunity to rework it.  A little color went a long way, and the chroma was far more intense in several areas than it should have been. I will use the dry paint pans with this journal paper in the future. 

The overall experience was enjoyable, and I look forward to the next journaling opportunity! 

Tom Conboy 


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