Watercolor Journal Entry 4

Monday Morning Bagel

Farmington, Missouri (July 18,2016)

Painted this sketch while enjoying a blueberry bagel and coffee from my local Panera.  Chalk this one up as much needed practice. I’m not real happy with the finished sketch, but I did enjoy the experience.  The bagel and coffee helped! 

I felt like I stuck out a bit with my painting supplies strewn across the table.  I would prefer to downsize a bit, so I visited my local Hobby Lobby to purchase some additional supplies.  I purchased a water brush by Sakura and wanted to get a smaller watercolor journal.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any.  I will need to order one, preferably a 3.5 x 5 inch journal.  The goal is to use minimal supplies so I don’t stick out so much, especially when painting indoors where others are present.  

Tom Conboy 


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