The Art of Practice 

Moleskine Notebook Entry 1

I purchased a 3.5 x 5.5 inch Moleskine Notebook yesterday.  The purpose for this notebook is to be able to document my practice sketches and to be able to paint in public without being too noticeable.  I like the small size of the notebook,  but I would have preferred the landscape watercolor version over this one.  Unfortunately I could not find the watercolor notebook in my area.  It was one of those “I’ve got to have it now” moments, so I purchased what was available. 

I completed a quick pen and ink watercolor sketch of the woodburning stove in my family room.  This sketch took about 20 minutes to complete, minus drying time.  The goal in this practice sketch was to simplify the subject and to complete it as quickly as possible.  I am also using pen and ink for the first time.   I wanted to try my hand at painting the washes first, then going over them with a pen.  

Woodburning Stove

Tom Conboy 


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