Drive-Thru Dash

Moleskine Notebook Entry 4

It was my turn to make the dinner run this evening, so I decided to take my notebook and grab a quick sketch while waiting in the drive-thru lane.  I wanted to sketch the scene as quickly as possible and finish it with watercolor when I got home.  The goal was to practice simplifying the scene and to complete the drawing phase in 10 minutes or less.  I figured it would take a while to get through the line since it was the dinner rush and several cars were ahead of me.  I was going to call it “Drive-Thru Delay,” but my local Steak ‘n Shake was moving cars through at a lightning pace.  I decided to call it “Drive-Thru Dash” instead.  

I had to improvise the vehicles because the line was moving rapidly. The original vehicles in front of me were gone before I even got to sketch them, so I ended up drawing them from memory.  Overall it was a great exercise, and I am pleased with the final sketch.  Really had fun painting this one! 

Tom Conboy 


2 thoughts on “Drive-Thru Dash

    1. Thank you, Vicki! I was hoping the drive-thru service was going to be slow, but they sure were moving us through quickly. I might have to take my sketchbook with me while standing in line at Walmart! 😁


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