Stealth Sketching 

Moleskine Notebook Entry 6

Panera 082216

I decided to do a journal sketch this morning while eating breakfast at my local Panera restaurant.  The first subject I chose to sketch noticed me looking at him and quickly left before I could get a few lines drawn in the notebook.  I thought for sure I was going to be asked to leave by management, but fortunately that didn’t happen.  It is possible that the gentleman wasn’t aware of what I was doing and simply left because he was finished with his meal.  

I was more careful with my second subject and tried to quickly sketch her without being so overt with my observation of her.  This attempt went much better than the first, and I am pleased with the results. 

Urban sketching is very new to me, and I need to learn how to “stealth” sketch so as not to draw attention to myself.  It’s a lot easier to do this from a distance than it is within a couple of table lengths of the subject. 

Tom Conboy 


2 thoughts on “Stealth Sketching 

  1. I’ve learned a new term…never heard of “stealth sketching”. This one looks a lot like Joyce, but I’m sure she wasn’t up to going out for breakfast.

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