Columbia and Henry

Moleskine Notebook Entry 7

Farmington, Missouri 091916

I completed this sketch on location today.  The day was warm, but not too bad with the lower humidity levels.  An enjoyable session! 

I tried out watercolor pencils with this one and liked how they worked. The Sakura Koi water brushes worked really well with the pencils. I was surprised how intense the colors were when blending the pencil lines with the water brushes.  It does not take much water to get the pencil color to flow.  It was also much easier to manipulate the pencils than a pan of watercolor paints on the console of my vehicle.  The watercolor pencils may end up replacing the Winsor & Newton paint pans! 

Tom Conboy 


2 thoughts on “Columbia and Henry

  1. Nice…I think you need to do some more “pencil” paintings. I’m trying to figure out just which building is actually is. I’ll have to tune in to this street corner next time I’m in town. My favorite parts of this painting are the brick side of the building and the ornate trim around the top of the building.

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