Heavy Rains

“April showers bring May flowers.” They also bring floods. 

This is a scene along Wolf Creek near Farmington, Missouri on April 29, 2017. Flash flooding has been occurring due to the amount of heavy rainfall we have been receiving this weekend. You can tell the water has receded, but more storms arrived shortly after this photo was taken. The spot where I am standing is surely under water at the time of this posting. 

More photos… 

Wolf Creek South of Missouri Highway 32
Missouri Highway 32 Bridge at Wolf Creek.
Rain Gauge at My House (8+ inches)

Hope you all are staying high and dry! 
Tom Conboy 


Barn on Chestnut Ridge Road 

Barn on Chestnut Ridge Road (12 x 16 inches; watercolor) 
Painted this watercolor earlier today. The weather was absolutely beautiful! This scene is located in a field behind the house where I live. 

Here are a few progress photos of the painting process…

Tom Conboy 

Tom Conboy Art is Now on Aftcra 

My artwork is now available for purchase at my T & J Creative Works Aftcra Shop. Many of the paintings featured on this blog are listed at my new shop.  Please feel free to window shop.  There’s absolutely no obligation to buy! ☺

T & J Creative Works Aftcra Shop

Why did I close my Etsy Shop? 

I recently had to close my Etsy Shop due to a policy change by Etsy that requires sellers to use their payment system and not a stand-alone payment service (i.e., PayPal). Etsy Shops who refuse to use Etsy’s payment system will be suspended after May 17, 2017. 

I respect Etsy’s right to implement their payment service.  Sadly, it does not satisfy my needs as a small business owner, so I have terminated my account with them. 
Tom Conboy 

Miniature Painting – St. Joseph Church  

Completed painting.

St. Joseph Church (2 x 2 inches; oil) 

I painted this miniature on location at St. Joseph Catholic Church at Zell, Missouri on April 3, 2017. I am trying out my homemade pochade box made from an Altoids mint tin. It is lined with a cut sheet of palette paper. The paper and canvas panel are held in place with some double-sided foam tape. I painted this while sitting in the van.  Good thing too, because a thunderstorm rolled through while I was painting. All in all, it was a lot of fun and the pochade tin worked great! 

Altoids tin
Altoids tin prepped and ready to go!
The subject

Tom Conboy