Planning a New Workshop 

Getting ready for my next wet-on-wet oil painting workshop. I painted this demonstration painting earlier today, and my students will be using it for reference when they paint their own version. I will be setting up workshop dates for June and July of 2017!

Tom Conboy 


Heavy Rains

“April showers bring May flowers.” They also bring floods. 

This is a scene along Wolf Creek near Farmington, Missouri on April 29, 2017. Flash flooding has been occurring due to the amount of heavy rainfall we have been receiving this weekend. You can tell the water has receded, but more storms arrived shortly after this photo was taken. The spot where I am standing is surely under water at the time of this posting. 

More photos… 

Wolf Creek South of Missouri Highway 32
Missouri Highway 32 Bridge at Wolf Creek.
Rain Gauge at My House (8+ inches)

Hope you all are staying high and dry! 
Tom Conboy 

Plummer’s Hardware 

Moleskine Notebook Entry 8

Farmington, Missouri 092016

This scene is located along East Liberty Street in downtown Farmington. A leaking water valve on a toilet required a trip to the local hardware store today. It seems like the local “mom and pop” hardware stores are dying off, but there’s still a good one here in Farmington. I figured I would take advantage of the trip and work on a watercolor sketch. 

I really enjoyed the painting session, and was also able to fix the toilet as well!  A “win-win” situation! 😁

Tom Conboy 

Columbia and Henry

Moleskine Notebook Entry 7

Farmington, Missouri 091916

I completed this sketch on location today.  The day was warm, but not too bad with the lower humidity levels.  An enjoyable session! 

I tried out watercolor pencils with this one and liked how they worked. The Sakura Koi water brushes worked really well with the pencils. I was surprised how intense the colors were when blending the pencil lines with the water brushes.  It does not take much water to get the pencil color to flow.  It was also much easier to manipulate the pencils than a pan of watercolor paints on the console of my vehicle.  The watercolor pencils may end up replacing the Winsor & Newton paint pans! 

Tom Conboy 

Drive-Thru Dash

Moleskine Notebook Entry 4

It was my turn to make the dinner run this evening, so I decided to take my notebook and grab a quick sketch while waiting in the drive-thru lane.  I wanted to sketch the scene as quickly as possible and finish it with watercolor when I got home.  The goal was to practice simplifying the scene and to complete the drawing phase in 10 minutes or less.  I figured it would take a while to get through the line since it was the dinner rush and several cars were ahead of me.  I was going to call it “Drive-Thru Delay,” but my local Steak ‘n Shake was moving cars through at a lightning pace.  I decided to call it “Drive-Thru Dash” instead.  

I had to improvise the vehicles because the line was moving rapidly. The original vehicles in front of me were gone before I even got to sketch them, so I ended up drawing them from memory.  Overall it was a great exercise, and I am pleased with the final sketch.  Really had fun painting this one! 

Tom Conboy 

Watercolor Journal Entry 4

Monday Morning Bagel

Farmington, Missouri (July 18,2016)

Painted this sketch while enjoying a blueberry bagel and coffee from my local Panera.  Chalk this one up as much needed practice. I’m not real happy with the finished sketch, but I did enjoy the experience.  The bagel and coffee helped! 

I felt like I stuck out a bit with my painting supplies strewn across the table.  I would prefer to downsize a bit, so I visited my local Hobby Lobby to purchase some additional supplies.  I purchased a water brush by Sakura and wanted to get a smaller watercolor journal.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any.  I will need to order one, preferably a 3.5 x 5 inch journal.  The goal is to use minimal supplies so I don’t stick out so much, especially when painting indoors where others are present.  

Tom Conboy