My latest painting is an 8 x 10 inch acrylic on stretched canvas.

I used Liquitex acrylic paints for this one. Still my favorite brand for acrylic paints!
Tom Conboy 


Planning a New Workshop 

Getting ready for my next wet-on-wet oil painting workshop. I painted this demonstration painting earlier today, and my students will be using it for reference when they paint their own version. I will be setting up workshop dates for June and July of 2017!

Tom Conboy 

I Got A Rock

Remember when the Peanuts character, Charlie Brown, got a rock instead of candy while trick-or-treating?  Well, I got a rock…and I painted it! 

The gif image shows the steps of the painting process. The smooth stone was first primed with white gesso (3 layers), then painted with acrylic paints.  I sealed the water surface with gloss medium and will coat the rest of the rock with matte medium.  This should seal it sufficiently for an outdoor display. A very enjoyable painting experience! 

Tom Conboy  

Mountain Majesty 

​I have been acquiring supplies for an upcoming wet-on-wet oil painting workshop I am planning to conduct this Fall.  Worked on the subject painting today (see below).  This workshop will be my first attempt at teaching other people how to paint.  I am looking forward to the challenge,  especially for those who have no painting experience! 
Mountain Majesty (12 x 16 inches; oil)

Tom Conboy 

Fishing With Dad


I painted this watercolor in 2011. This scene brings back memories of my times fishing with my dad.  I was honored when a former classmate of mine purchased the original painting.  She said it brought back memories of her father as well.

Fishing With Dad (5 x 7 inches; watercolor)

Tom Conboy